Miami Video

In January I spent a few days in Miami with friends and family. As always while walking around I was shooting and here a couple of hours prior to my plane back to NYC I went to meet some friends by South Beach. I took off on my own for about an hour and tested the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera using a Canon EF 100-400mm lens on a monopod. OK this was no easy task, the weight and size of this lens requires a more stabilized rig than a monopod, but I was up for the challenge. Keep in mind that I am not using a camera that allows for the IS function of the lens, IS is not available when shooting from the BMPCC. From the cutest little kid, to surfers, to sea gulls, or for that matter anything in front of me, this camera stood its ground. The tonality range was incredible between deep shadows and bright sun. Now I just need a good colorist to do their magic when using this camera.

While I love this camera because of the close and personal work that will allow me to do, I also love using it with the long lens and getting more of a voyeuristic look to the moment. My main reason behind the long lens is too drop the depth of field to a minimum, and that it did beautifully.