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No Pants Day in NYC 2014

It is just all in good fun, but those who criticize it, well you can imagine. At 3PM people gathered and entered the subway at different stations in the city, at the end they all gathered in Union Square for laughs and plenty of pictures. Some nice looks, some well…

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Beautiful Location

It is always nice to travel to beautiful places to shoot. The Berkshires and Hudson areas are 2 amazing places near NYC.

Olympus E-M1 with Olympus M.45mm Shot @ f14 @ 1/160 ISO100

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Cimzia Ad Campaign – Pharma

Sometimes it doesn’t look very exciting to shoot pharmaceutical campaigns, but they can be a challenge and therefore fun. These kind of campaigns require a huge amount of production, in this case headed by two amazing producers, Jaye Murdock owner of Take Stock Productions and Elle Sullivan-Wilson owner of ESW Productions. And without an amazing 1st Assistant like Rigo Diaz next to me, this would not happen as flawlessly.

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New editorial shots, back to the old days!

I love shooting editorial work but don’t really dedicate as much time to it as I should. Now a friend makeup artist is kind of twisting my hand into doing more of it! Thanks Natalie, I do have fun at it! In the next few days I will upload other shots that we have been taking together!

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CNN iReport Awards

blog-image (1)

On the 14th CNN announced that I had won the 3rd Annual iReport Awards in the “in-depth-storytelling” category. This for the coverage of victim survivors from Hurricane Sandy. CNN thank you for the award! But while it feels great to be recognized for your work, it is a little bitter as the report is about people that have done some heavy suffering and had some intense losses. Yesterday I met with Janice Kennedy and even after 6 months, not everything is as it should be. I will edit and upload my report in the next few days!

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Just the beauty of a girl in anticipation of her dance!

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Enjoying her party!

A night in Brooklyn’s Fabrica Misfit Dior enjoys a glass of wine with friends, Happy Birthday MD.

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Jacques and Honored Guests

Jacques d’Amboise on the stage thanking his honored guests at the night of the Gala. On the table are Mandy Patinkin and Bernadette Peters. I had the pleasure to be invited to photograph the kids and the people. My daughter was one of the dancers that night! Yes I am a proud father 🙂

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NYC Random

One of many random images that I take while walking in this amazing city.

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Walking down 17th street I see an unusual sight. Heads on a stick, well on fence posts actually! Had to take the image.

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Dancer Waiting

One of the dancers waits to go on to stage at the NDI Gala in 2012.

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Full Moon in NYC

On March 27th, I had to film a moonrise in NYC for a TV segment. Along with my daughter I walked to the East River, right underneath the bridges. Scary at first as construction is going on and it seem desolate. Within minutes joggers started to go by, and other people with the same idea of looking at the full moon started to appear. This shot was made with the Canon 5DMk III and a 100-400mm lens at 12800ISO with a focal length of 100mm. I did not do a long exposure to reduce grain as I took it in between video takes.

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Santacon NYC

CHI_9713-copy-1024x682Every day of the year you can find something to do in NYC, but one of the wildest and most fun is SantaCon. Thousands of Santas meet in a designated area of NYC to talk, goof, and hit the town. Many think of it as a bar crawl as the news only shows the drunk kids, but there is also a lighter side.

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Bill Cunningham at Santacon

I had the pleasure of seeing one of NYC’s biggest and nicest smiles. An icon in photography and fashion who you can see taking pictures from Times Square to Union Square and anywhere his bicycle can take him. Bill Cunningham is here taking pictures at Santacon NYC.


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Street photography is something that has always fascinated me but never really gone after it. Just the idea of capture, no creation involved. Walking with my daughter heading to buy a gift for a friend I see this guy drawing with markers on a guitar, from 10 feet away it looks like an amazing piece of art. But the art is not what is important here, the fact that this sweet guy who seems somewhat stoned, with this very heavy kind of hanging voice is creating art nevertheless. He sits there with his cup in front waiting for someone to give him a quarter or two, drawing away. While I looked through the camera I saw the scene as cinematic and totally in B&W in my head, but the color of the guitar was also important, so additional support images came in handy.

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Don’t take it for granted! Angles.

Everyday I walk by this church, is very small, and if you were to ask me if there is a church nearby I would never think of this one. I always take it for granted. But it’s funny that I have walked by and shot this 3 or 4 times. Once because the night sky lit it in an amazing way.

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Photographing kids for me is second nature by now. Parents and some pros have asked me how do I do it, most tell me, “you must have a lot of patience”. Well I do and I don’t. The trick is incredibly simple, place the kid in his/her environment, let them have fun within the boundaries of what you need to shoot. In commercial work, have a great and very fast stylist working with you. Oh! and plenty of wardrobe to change into. Yes they eventually get messy, so stop and take a break while they change. In your personal life it gets a little more complicated but most times you don’t care if they got a little messy, it is the way they are. I actually have considered some messiness in commercial work, I like showing it like it really happens. But I do understand clients who want it all clean.

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Eye vs. Camera

Through the years I have been asked by people why what they see when they take a picture is not the same as what comes out. This usually comes from new people to the business or photo enthusiasts. Well what a photographer sees through the lens unless perfectly lit does not necessarily come out the same way. In my early career we had printers like Chuck Kelton who had an amazing eye an understood what needed to be dodge or burned, and of course we gave him direction. Today with digital cameras and Photoshop that becomes easier, with good practice.